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Five Oaks / Rachel Carson On Stage

UPDATED: 4-2-20


Guys and Dolls Jr. 2020


Official Show Poster

First page of the PDF file: 64062_FiveOaksMiddleSchooltheatreposter

Guys and Dolls Jr. Poster 2020

Guys and Dolls Jr

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, May 31
Mon, Jun 1
Tue, Jun 2
Wed, Jun 3
Thu, Jun 4
Fri, Jun 5
Sat, Jun 6
Sun, Jun 7
Mon, Jun 8
Tue, Jun 9
Wed, Jun 10
Thu, Jun 11
Fri, Jun 12
Sat, Jun 13
Sun, Jun 14
Mon, Jun 15
Tue, Jun 16
Wed, Jun 17
Thu, Jun 18
Fri, Jun 19
Sat, Jun 20
Sun, Jun 21
Mon, Jun 22
Tue, Jun 23
Wed, Jun 24
Thu, Jun 25
Fri, Jun 26
Sat, Jun 27
Sun, Jun 28
Mon, Jun 29
Tue, Jun 30
Wed, Jul 1
Thu, Jul 2
Fri, Jul 3
Sat, Jul 4

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  • Fives Oaks On Stage

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Guys and Dolls Jr.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of Theatre Arts is to encourage thinking outside of the box, pushing individual boundaries, and becoming more confident actors and technicians. Members will develop people skills and learn leadership skills that will stay with them through their high school and college careers.