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Beaverton Schools

School Handbook

Updated Cell Phone and Electronic Use Policy 

All personal cell phones and electronic devices must be off and away from the time students enter the school until they leave for the day.  Also, no cameras or photos of any kind shall be taken at school unless under the direction of an adult for education purposes.  

  • Inappropriate use of cell phones or electronic devices will result in a behavior consequence.
    • A first offense of this policy will result in a restorative conversation between student and adult. 
    • A second offense will result in checking the device into the office for the remainder of the school day. The student will be given the device back at the end of the day.
    • A third offense will result in the device being checked into the main office for the duration of the day.  The parent or guardian will need to pick up the device in the main office.  
    • Subsequent violations will be managed following the Technology Misuse guidelines outlined in the Beaverton School District Student & Family Handbook.
  • Parents and Guardians assume all risk for lost, stolen or damaged electronic devices.

Student Family Handbook

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