Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL)

Welcome back Falcons!

While we know the 2020-2021 school year will be like none we’ve ever experienced before, we are excited to welcome all of you to FOMS and RC and another exciting year of learning! 

Over the summer teachers have been planning and learning all about Comprehensive Distance Learning and how to make our fall CDL experience more engaging, meaningful, and impactful than in the Spring. See the table below to see some of the ways we have expanded and modified our practices to help our learners reach their full potential this fall.





  • Pass/No Pass only

  • Grades could only go up as of March 13

  • Standards based grading practices resume.

  • No behavior grades.

  • Student grades will be updated every two weeks (at minimum) to keep families updated on progress.


  • Attendance was tracked but not compulsory 

  • Attendance will be recorded daily

  • Attendance calls will resume

  • Attendance definition has changed to include interaction with online courses not just attendance in synchronous sessions.

Lesson Delivery

  • Lessons could be delivered in any format and recorded on Canvas

  • Canvas presentation varied per teacher

  • Synchronous sessions will be delivered via zoom, recorded and published to canvas

  • Canvas will be streamlined with agreements on delivery of assignments, modules, and presentation practices to ease the interaction of families with Canvas


  • Regular meetings times aligned to schedule when possible.

  • Students have a set schedule daily with recurring zoom links

  • The only “different” day is Wednesday where students will have advisory synchronously, all other work to be done asynchronously.

  • Students will have synchronous sessions with their teachers daily in addition to asynchronous activities.


Social/Emotional Learning

  • Teacher  presented lessons on SEL. 

  • Systems for follow up were being developed.

  • SEL lessons were crafted over the summer by a team of counselors, social workers, and school psychologists in collaboration with classroom teachers.

  • Systems were developed at both the district and school level to monitor and assess student needs.


BSD school buildings and grounds continue to be closed to the public while we ride the waves of the Covid19 pandemic. There are still limited staff in the building every day to answer phones and help assist our community as needed. We know that this is a time that no one ever expected.  We, as a community, are experiencing trauma and change at a far greater rate than what any of us are used to.  We have many resources available to both students and families to help navigate through tough situations whether the needs be physical or emotional.  Please don't hesitate to let a staff member know if your family is in need during this time. 

We will continue to use newsletters, social media, and our website to update you on all things Five Oaks and Rachel Carson.  Please take a moment to follow us on social media to ensure you’re staying up to date on happenings in and around the school and to get a glimpse into the great learning experiences our students are engaging in!

It’s going to be a great year Falcons!  We’re helping write the story of 2020 right now, so let’s show everyone how strong and resilient we are!




FOMS/RC Distance Learning Expectations